Photo a Day Challenge - 2017

Can Visuals Be Text?

One of the things I am asked frequently is where the intersection of text and images occur. We know Egyptian hieroglyphs and ancient Chinese pictographs provided a gateway to text. And in this modern era, how common is it for us to replace a word with an emoji or even a GIF? Are images replacing text or have we entered a new realm of conversing in a society which is a perfect meld of the two. As a writer I am fascinated by this idea. 

One of the fundamental principals I teach in Digital Storytelling - a modern spin on classic storytelling - is that by blending story, music, and photography a new, stronger art form may emerge.

It is in the spirit that I decided to take the #photoaday2017 challenge. Each day, I will take a photo, add some text, and post it to start a conversation. I hope you will join me.