Go Digital with Hands on Training

Teach a learning strategy that will excite and motivate students across curriculums!


90 Minute: In this hands-on, experiential introductory workshop, participants learn the four elements of Digital Storytelling – Language, Image, Voice, and Sound - and its potential power in teaching and learning. Educators learn to use storyboards as an effective strategy to create a blueprint for a story by using pictures and colorful language to provide a clear path to text.

All Day: In this workshop, educators are guided through each step of the Digital Storytelling process including storyboarding, taking original photographs, recording voiceovers with Audacity (PC) or Garage Band (MAC), and creating and editing in Windows Live Movie Maker (PC) or iMovie (MAC). The workshop includes handouts, tutorials, and hands-on learning designed to enable educators to bring each step of the Digital Storytelling process into their own classrooms. Each workshop culminates in the creation of educators’ own 3-5-minute Digital Stories.


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