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Transformational Storytelling

Everyone, yes everyone, has a story to share. Good stories engage both the emotional and logical response of the listener. Great stories shift attitudes, inspire confidence, and lead to action. But how do you go from good to great? That's where I come in.


The Collective Story Method™ (CSM) is built upon my now decades of work in empowering individuals to tell their stories. CSM is designed to focus first on the personal, then the individual in relation to the collective, and finally on the collective as a whole.  

Using the Collective Story Method™ (CSM) participants will 

  • Identify the elements of what makes a great story
  • Learn different types of story and recognize which structures to use where and when
  • Un-tap your own “origin” story
  • Craft your findings into stories that will move your listener’s head and hear
  • Develop your own dynamic one sentence elevator pitch for yourself or your organization

Everyone has a story to tell. Isn't it time to put yours in action?

Upcoming Retreats

Shrine Mont: Orkey Springs, VA

Shrine Mont: Orkey Springs, VA

Climbing Jacob's Ladder - Shrine Mont Retreat Friday, May 2nd - Sunday, May 4th

From passages in the old testament to tales by the modern campfire, stories express how and why life changes. Join us for a weekend at Shrine Mont as we unlock, explore, and integrate the power of the personal story into who we are as a community of faith. Guided by seasoned storyteller, Jennifer S. Jones, we will reflect, celebrate, and share in this timeless tradition. Within every person lies a great story - what will be yours?