If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...

Stock images. These days, we all need them. For presentations, for blogs, for brochures and websites. Thanks to the internet we have thousands upon thousands of images at our fingertips. And the biggest supplier of these stock photographs? You guessed it. Getty Images. 

Stock Image.jpg

Last week I read an article announcing the partnership of Getty Images and Leanin.org. Leanin.org is a nonprofit organization focused on empowering and encouraging women to pursue their goals and to "take a seat at any table."  Through their partnership with Getty, Leanin.org wants to change the stock photo stereotype of what it means to be a woman. In the past, such images were either a woman holding an infant and caring for young children or a woman holding a brief case - or sometimes a combination of the two in the form of the great woman multitasker. Surely, argues Leanin.org, there must be other images that convey who we are as women.

With this in mind I googled "women." The first images that pop up are mostly models in their underwear with a few Rosie the Riveter posters sprinkled in for good measure.


It got me thinking. If I could submit my own photos to Getty Images' for inclusion, what would they be? What would I say represents the women I have met in my family, my community and in my travels? 

I trolled through my hundreds of photographs - adding here, deleting there. After much deliberation I settled on 35 images, submitted below for your consideration:

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If you could add your own images what would they look like? Who would they be? What message would you want to convey?

Not a bad a challenge to take.