#AtoZBlogChallenge: M is for Micro to Macro


In my years working as a playwright and storyteller I have thought a lot about the relationship between Micro and Macro. My work has led me to Asia, Africa, South America, and Europe, and in each place I have found a story. I have been in major cities, tiny villages, refugee camps, and cafes. In each place I have sat patiently, listening and encouraging individuals to make their voices heard. There is nothing like the moment when someone realizes their story matters. It is the true gift of empowerment. 

My travels have got me thinking: in eliciting the story of the individual aren't I really exploring the stories of the communities and organizations in which these people work and live? Sharing the personal story is a gateway to a deeper understanding of the collective story. A move from Micro to Macro. 

This realization gave way to the forming of the Collective Story Method™, or CSM. CSM is designed to focus first on the personal, then the individual in relation to the collective, and finally on the collective as a whole. I have used this method with students to help build understanding and compassion in their immediate communities. And I have used this grassroots approach to help companies, organizations, and faith based communities form and live their mission statements through the power of putting story into action. 

Everyone has a story to share.

For me, it's a matter of Micro, Macro, and Mission.