#AtoZBlogChallenge: B is for Bee Pollen


As I relayed in my previous blog, I have recently returned from a performance trip to LA. For me, LA is a different world. As a native Washingtonian and a decade long New Yorker I am solidly an East Coast gal. By way of example, I offer the below story.

I was staying in Venice Beach and looking for a place for breakfast. Someone recommended a "really vibing" place around the corner so I decided to give it a try.

I secured a table in the corner and glanced around. It was a Sunday morning so I was treated to dining with Venice's "Brunch Crowd." Effortlessly coiffed women in designer workout gear, large sunglasses concealing their faces. And then there was me.

I come from sturdy stock. From my mother I get the robust fraus of East Germany and from my father's side the pioneer women who rolled up their sleeves and settled Texas. On top of that, I clock in at 6'0" even. Will-o'-the-wisp I am not.

Undeterred I placed my order with the waiter. "You want juice with that?" he asked. "Sure," I replied, "whatever comes with the meal." I could go for a small glass of orange juice, or tomato, maybe even a grapefruit. "No, honey," my waiter chuckled, "Do you want juice?"

He flipped to the last page of my menu. There in gleaming colors were all kinds of choices. I could choose to DeStress, to Relax, to Glow, to Synchronize, to Unify, to Enhance, to Laugh, there was even one for Performance! And if that weren't enough I could always add turmeric, kale, aloe vera, cayenne, and of course bee pollen. 

I looked up at my anxiously waiting waiter. "I think I'll just have a large coffee," I said - I needed "To Awake." 

Then I looked around again. Where every man sat with a large plate of Huevos Rancheros, across the table every woman sat with a half-mason jar full of juice. They came in all colors, though green juice seemed to be the favorite.

Maybe they know something I don't, I thought. Maybe they are much more Relaxed, Synchronized, Unified, and Enhanced than I will ever be. 

I glanced at my watch. I had to get to the theater. I paid my tab and hurried outside. No sooner had I hit the street than a truck stopped seconds short of hitting me. The culprit?


I turned around and went back inside. Maybe I would take a Juice to Go after all - with extra bee pollen of course.