#AtoZBlog Challenge: X is for XOXO

Yesterday NPR celebrated a birthday. It has officially been 20 years since the internet first came to the offices of National Public Radio.

Such an occasion got me thinking. I certainly remember the first time I used the internet at an office. I know I'm dating myself, but remember when there were no cell phones? When social media meant little more than two words thrown together. When instead of a text you'd pass a classmate a note? 

In such a time of yore, my little sister, Laura, took her first job as a page in the Virginia State Senate. 

Pros: Incredible opportunity. Once in a lifetime experience. Chance to work with a dear family friend, who also happened to be our state senator.

Cons: Leaving her friends behind for a few months.

The entire drive down to Richmond my sister complained. How could we be doing this to her?!? Didn't we know how much she would miss her friends? Why had my mother talked her into this? 

Upon check-in all the pages and their parents were ushered on to the Virginia State Senate floor. This moment was supposed to inspire awe. My sister gazed around in disgust. Over the next few hours as the senators introduced themselves, welcoming each new page to the program, my sister passed hate notes to my mom. Each note expanded on her growing dismay at my mother and each note was signed "xoxo Laura." 

The other day my sister found one of those notes in an old shoe box. We laughed about it - particularly as Laura had gone on to have a wonderful experience while in Richmond - then we carefully tucked the note back in the shoe box and returned it to the back of the closet. I like knowing it's there. Waiting to be uncovered again on a rainy day. How much more fun than a deleted text.