#AtoZBlogChallenge: XYZ is for the Beginning of the Next Chapter

I finally reached the end of the alphabet. True it is mid September and not the end of April but my life these past fews months has undergone quite a few changes.

I am a playwright, a storyteller, and a solo performer. I travel the world encouraging other people to tell their stories. Stories can transform, make us laugh, heal, and provide meaning. On January 13, 2015, in a small government office in China, I became an adoptive mom. 

My goal for the #AtoZBlogChallenge was to explore where my new identity of adoptive mother intersected with my work as an artist. What I have discovered is that there are far too many stories to be contained in one alphabet challenge. 

I am thrilled to announce the launch of my new blog: Letters to Jack: Navigating Our Adoption Journey - One Story at a Time. The truth is, some days I feel like any other new mother. Other days I question every look, every word, every gesture. Some days we are just another family playing in the park. Other days our differences seem to invite stares, comments, laughter, blessings, and even judgement.

Adoption is a life long process. It is complicated and messy. It is heartwarming and it is pain. It is sadness and it is immeasurable joy. I hope you will continue to share in our story.